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A Note On Diversity

I offer warm, welcoming service to all, whatever your background. As a cis-gendered white woman I know that I don’t represent every aspect of our wonderfully diverse country and I cannot possibly know everything about every race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, neurodivergence or disability, or any other aspect of difference that makes you, you. Any label that is given to you is just that, a label. Whilst those labels can and do feel important, they cannot adequately or accurately describe the unique human being that you are. It’s like picking up a tin of tomato soup and expecting it to only contain tomatoes – no – there are many other ingredients that make it lovely!

What I can offer is to be curious without expecting you to teach me, to go away and research things I don’t know about to improve my knowledge, and above all, to treat you with the utmost respect and unconditional positive regard whatever it is that you come for therapy for. I will always act in good faith, and if I fail to understand any aspect of your way of being, I will gratefully and graciously accept feedback.

My passionate aim is to create the most inclusive practice that I am able to provide, and I will continuously strive to improve and update my knowledge for the rest of my life and career.

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